Impulse control for new puppies – Cambridge Puppy Training

Impulse control! This is something really important to try and get your new puppy used to. Generally speaking, controlling impulses can stop us acting on a whim, it makes us give thought to the consequences of our actions.

My impulse when I see a packet of biscuits is to scoff the whole lot! But do I really want to? If I stop and think about it, should I?? No! Definitely not! My scales would agree. Long term the benefits of not eating them outweigh the immediate gratification of eating them.

If we transfer this to a puppy, a puppy wants something and he wants it right now! Of course they do, they’re puppies, everything is worth trying! If it works, they’ll do it again. They don’t give thought to an immediate consequence, they don’t think ‘oh that might hurt’ or ‘oh that might not be safe’.

For example, barging through a door, grabbing some food from a persons hand. We can teach patience, calmness, self control, and THESE behaviours will be rewarded. NOT acting on every impulse can be just as rewarding if taught correctly.

During my 1-2-1’s and classes I go through some techniques to help build on your pup’s impulse control! Email me via the contact tab if you’d like to arrange training for your puppy.



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