Welcome to Cambridge Puppy Training! I offer 1-2-1 puppy home visits, training classes, email consultations, and puppy sitting/training to help you with any of those common puppy behaviours that can prove challenging! I advise on early training and give tips on general puppy care.



Cambridge Puppy Training is run by myself, Gail.

I started dog training 10 years ago with my Yorkshire Terrier, Charlie. I began training at CCEG dog training club in Impington and we worked our way up through the classes. I have been at CCEG ever since, and 6 years ago started teaching puppy classes there at weekends. I undertook two COAPE courses relating to dog behaviour and this further heightened my interest in dogs, dog training and dog behaviour generally. In particular, puppy training and behaviour.

I completed an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management, and then moved on to Anglia Ruskin University where I gained a BSc (hons) in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. The theory based knowledge I gained through this, along with the practical hands on experience I gained from working with puppies at CCEG, has given me a wealth of experience which  I thoroughly enjoy sharing with my clients now. From my degree, I worked at a local vets, and helped in the running of puppy parties there. I continue to study puppy behaviour in my own time, always trying to further my knowledge and move with the science behind canine behaviour and training.

I decided to set up Cambridge Puppy Training as a way of merging the theory and practical experience I have gained. My aim is to arm new owners with the skills and knowledge needed to set their puppy on the right path to becoming a well mannered and well balanced companion.

Cambridge Puppy Training now offers 1-2-1 home visits, advice via email consultations, puppy sitting/training and training classes.

For any more information just get in touch!
Email: puppies[at]cceg.co.uk