Puppy Classes

Cambridge Puppy Training is now offering puppy training classes in Cambridge! A great environment to teach your pup the basics and work alongside new puppy owners, share in experiences and gain advice in a generalised setting. Your puppy can start the course as soon as your vet has given the ok and the vaccination course is complete! The course is pre-booked, so get in touch today to book your pups place!

Cambridge Puppy Training runs classes at:

Community Centre
St. Luke’s Church
Victoria Road

Monday evenings – 7.15pm & 8.15pm

Classes are run as a 4 week course. We cover a huge variety of essentials for your pup to work on, from basic training to controlled socialisation, and lots in between!

Over the 4 weeks we will cover:

  • loose lead walking
  • impulse control games
  • focus training (around distractions)
  • habituation to different surfaces and textures
  • spatial awareness and proprioception training
  • recall training
  • positive and controlled socialisation
  • handling techniques
  • introduction to clicker training
  • different types of training including target training, capturing, shaping and luring
  • fun and games and much more!

To book in for the 4 week course, just get in touch!
Email: info@cambridgepuppytraining.com
Web: cambridgepuppytraining.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cambridgepuppytraining
Instagram: @cambridgepuppytraining