These are the services I offer in and around the Cambridge area. I’m more than happy to answer any queries you may have, so just get in touch!



Puppy training classes
A 4 wk course covering loose-lead walking, owner focus and engagement, impulse control training, reinforcement and life rewards, spatial awareness and proprioception, recall training, positive socialisation, handling techniques, distraction training, habituation to surfaces and textures, fun and games in training, introduction to clicker training, introduction to various training techniques including targeting, shaping, capturing and luring, and much more!! Classes are on a Monday evening in Cambridge. See the Puppy Classes page for details, or email: to book in!

1-2-1 One hour intensive
This is a 1x one hour 1-2-1 visit to your home. We cover all aspects of puppy care and development, general health such as dental care and examining your puppy, and we go over some basic early training. Suitable before or after you have your puppy. Email:

1-2-1 Puppy training course
This is a 3x one hour 1-2-1 visits to your home, spread over 3 weeks. We cover the care and development of your puppy in a bit more depth. We will start you off with some early training including loose-lead walking, recall and food manners. We also cover toys, socialisation and early impulse control training. Ideal for puppies 8 wks +. Email:

Puppy sitting+training
£15 p/h
Puppy sitting in your home. I will come round at your chosen time and look after your pup while you are out/at work. This service is offered as a one off or standing appointment. Included will be plenty of mental stimulation for your pup, and training done by myself, a qualified puppy trainer. I provide plenty of interactive toys and brain games too. Suitable for puppies 8 wks +. Email:

Email puppy consultation
Advice on any of the common puppy behaviours you may be struggling with. I will ask you general questions relating to the problem you are having, prior to advice being given. You will then receive a one off email full of useful tips and advice to help. Common behaviours may include ie. toilet training, biting, exercise etc. Suitable for anyone any time. * Email:
*Please note, without having seen the dog, any advice can only be generalised. I do not recommend seeking advice via email or online for behaviours into adolescence.

The Puppy Guide Book – by Cambridge Puppy Training
£20 plus p+p
NEW!!!!! A 35 page, 17 chapter booklet full of information regarding the early development of your puppy. Chapters include socialisation, grooming, recall training, impulse control, toilet training and much more. Great resource to refer back to over the course of your pups first year. Suitable before or after you have your puppy.